10 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2019

Best Gaming Mouse for Small HandsWhen it comes to owning a gaming mouse for small hands, it’s always imperative that you get to decide on the right size. It is the reason we’ve chosen to look at the best mouse for small hands. If you enjoy gaming and you’ve got small hands, maybe not all the mice accessible will probably be great. With this list, you can always end up with the ideal model so that gaming could be better.

While there is a range of gaming mice, maybe not all them are suitable for users with small hands. Many are big and heavy, which makes them unwieldy for such users. Consequently, if you’re looking for the best gaming mice for small hands, your choices are a bit limited.

Luckily, there are a number of fantastic mice which are made to be both lightweight and small hands, which makes them perfect for the usage case. There are options from respectable brands such as Cooler Master, Razer, and Glorious PCMR, and every one the ones on the listing below are excellent choices.

We think the Cooler Master MM170 is the best gaming mouse for smaller hands. However, all of the gaming mice below are great choices, simply select the one that suits you and fits your budget. Do you get one with a lightweight shell, or a heavier model but with a greater detector? Can you go wired, or receive a wireless instead? Let’s look at our choices so you can choose. Within this arrival of serious offline and online PC gambling, getting the proper mouse is as crucial as the game itself.

A mouse is no more about merely clicking as it had been decades back. Nowadays, computer mice have evolved and are currently being designed to meet very specific functions. Gaming mice, for instance, are distinct from the normal office PC mice, both in design and in function. What is more, they come in various shapes and sizes.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands Reviews

Now its time for an summary of the 10 best gaming mice designed and built for small hands.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse

The model comes with a smart design which ought to be among the best things to happen to you. There is no doubt you’ll feel comfortable owning a model that delivers on the best gambling choices. You may now end up with a version that allows you to play better at all times. The dimensions of the mouse leaves it the best for people who have little hands.

One more thing is that the small thumb rest along with the grip for both outermost fingers are textured. You can now find such being good for stability and also offers a nice tactile sensation. Another thing you’re likely to enjoy about the version should be its own 11 programmable buttons. There’s not any doubt you are going to have a fantastic time in regards to utilizing it. Another thing is that you just get to relish the 3 thumb buttons too.

This version runs good on the Logitech Gaming Software like the all other Logitech mice on the market. The software helps with making sure you could control the mouse to function just as great as you’d want. The model may also save up to 3 profiles, which should make it easy to access the settings easily.

In terms of the performance, you’ll have a good time in regards to working together with the model. It is going to make things easier for you in regards to games. The model includes the ideal price tag too, so you should definitely enjoy owning one today.

  • Intuitive and comfortable design
  • Big buttons
  • Streamlined software
  • Might not be the best for those with big hands

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Beginning with the design, you may get the model is miniature and low to the ground. This is something which makes people like owning it at this time. For people who have small hands, they ought to find it being comfy. It includes an accommodating shape that should make it worth owning a single version right now.

The model is designed for the MOBA players. Now you can make sure it will truly work for those who like gaming. Some might find it being too modest, but when it comes to gaming with small hands, the version can provide on some good features consistently. The model comes with conservative six buttons which allow for more performance. The sensitivity is something which you are constantly going to enjoy with this model.

As it functions with all the Logitech Gaming Software, you’re always going to have a really good time in regards to owning a single. It is possible to prepare the buttons to work just as you want. You can make certain to have a good time when it comes to the total use of the model starting today. The program will automatically scan your pc to ensure the mouse works good.

Those who have used the version consistently have some excellent things to say about the model. You can be sure to end up with a fantastic performance mouse for gaming.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent buttons
  • Potential software errors

Corsair Dark Core – RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core

The model includes some impressive design attributes along with other plugins which should make it good for gaming. This is something which makes sure that you will delight in using the model beginning today. The design can also be great in regards to the total structure. It just feels sturdy. There’s not any doubt you’re likely to have a fantastic time in regards to owning a single.

This model is really great concerning the weight. It merely weighs 128g, which is somewhat heavier for many individuals, but it’s still great for you to continue using over the years. The model also includes nine buttons. It’s possible to customize the buttons to work good as you would like. The next time you get to game with the model, you will surely note the changes.

The model on overall is great. It will supply you with the best concerning functionality which should make it great in regards to gambling with it. It is possible to change the DPI settings around 16,000 DPI. This is vital to be certain that you receive the best sensitivity to guarantee you can enjoy using it out of now.

The model can easily operate in various states that require high responsiveness. The scrolling is smooth and constant. This is due to its textured wheel. There’s no doubt you’re likely to have a fantastic time when it comes to the overall use of this model. The LEDs on the version can provide on some fantastic functionality that makes you enjoy it further.

  • Impressive battery life
  • Great responsiveness
  • Solid construction
  • Limited customizability

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

The design in general is something special. You will surely find it being distinct in regard to what you’re utilized to if it comes to the gaming mouse. The orientation of this mouse enables you to grip the model in another manner. Its great design makes the design to be very ergonomic with a organic fitting feeling in the hand. It’s definitely more comfortable that when you even get together with different models in the marketplace. The design can also be great on your wrist.

The design includes a vertical mouse of black plastic and has a smooth feel to it in your hand. The version includes six buttons. This version is really good in regards to the overall utilization of the model. This makes it among the best that you use right now. It’s also simple when it comes to DPI adjustment. This makes sure that you get to enjoy owning one.

The model includes wireless connectivity. This version rather than using Bluetooth technology for connectivity, it has a USB dongle. This means you can easily set this up with almost any USB port. The use of this technology is also important to remove any latency issues. There’s no doubt you will have a good time when it comes to using it right now.

This makes it great for you to decide on the best sensitivity in regards to the model. You can be certain that it is going to deliver on some good performance features constantly.

  • Impressive design
  • Strong construction
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Comes with no batteries

Logitech G300s Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

This is just another top performance version which you can use for gaming right now. The design includes the best in terms of having the ambidextrous design. With this design, you get a model which can be used by men and women that are either left handed or right handed. You will get that the cap of the mouse includes a gray matte finish. It’s generally smooth beneath the hand so that you may feel comfortable in regards to utilizing it. The best part is that it doesn’t draw in stains or smudges. It needs to be perfect for many people.

This version is wired. Well, with a few people preferring the wireless models, you will still enjoy using this one. This is because the wired model can help you to attain accurate 1000Hz ultrapolling pace. You can make sure that your shots will now be accurate as ever. This is something which drives more people to think of finding the version for themselves.

Another good thing about this model is the fact it is a plug and play model. This means that you don’t have to think about installing drivers. The configuration of this model makes it possible for you to enjoy using the version beginning today with so much ease. It allows for you to customize the model to the way you would like it.

This model is seen to get great in terms of gaming. This is due to its attributes which make it great for fps gambling or any casual usage. Due to its low price, you should get many people considering getting it now.

  • Customizable lighting
  • Ease of use
  • Ambidextrous
  • The mouse feels light and hollow

Razer DeathAdder Elite Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The model includes the best in terms of design. You should be in a position to end up with a model that could deliver on good design and performance. It’s the reason why you get to enjoy this one beginning today. The model is also ergonomically contoured on either side. Possessing the textured grips is also good concerning the thumb and the vertical two fingers. There is not any doubt you will love it.

This is only one of the best applications on the market in regards to customization of this gaming mouse. You should have a fantastic time when it has to do with the total customization beginning now. You’ll come across the interface of this software being readily navigable to assist with setting up profiles for gambling.

The consumers will delight in the RGB lighting. The model includes RGB lighting which should complete the look of any gambling setup. With your gaming rig light up, then you need to definitely use this version too. It is possible to adjust the DPI around 16,000. This is great to ensure it can deliver on the best performance always. Using its DPI configurations, you can get the mouse in its best sensitivity for gaming.

For those who have used the version for gaming, they can agree that it’s among the best. It’s never too small that it seems uncomfortable. You can be sure to have a fantastic time in regards to the overall utilization of the model.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Great software
  • Pretty illumination
  • Nothing much to set it apart

Tecknet Professional Ergonomic Optical Wired Computer Gaming Mouse

Tecknet Professional Ergonomic Optical Wired Computer Gaming Mouse

This is only one of the best when it comes to overall performance. It will have the best in regards to making it good for gaming. There’s no doubt you will enjoy owning one today. The maker makes the gambling precision better by sending on a 2000DPI sensor. This also leads to the users having the best response once it comes to utilizing the version now.

Another good thing is that the version may be used on any surface. As a result, you can find folks using it also on reflective or transparent surfaces like glass. With such type of surgery, it must definitely be easy to use one for the gambling activities. The mouse is also good concerning construction. You may feel that it is usually sturdy. Since this is the case, it should serve you for longer.

The design is also on a different level. You’ll discover that the model fits comfortably in the hand. This is great so that you can have an easy time in regards to utilizing it on overall. It has a minimal friction underside which makes it possible for the model to glide over almost any surface. There is not any doubt you’ll enjoy using it starting now.

The version created as a winning mix. This is because the model is designed with gamers in mind. You may always love owning it today as it can provide on smooth performance. You will also enjoy the braided cable since it assures using durability. It’s not likely to break down any time soon.

  • Affordable model
  • Ergonomically fits in the hand
  • Adjustable dpi setting
  • None for the price

Asus Rog Ergonomic FPS Gaming Mouse

Asus Rog Ergonomic FPS Gaming Mouse

Must have heard of ASUS before? If not, allow me to tell you that ASUS is one of the main brands in regards to technology. No best computer tech related reviews ever got done without mentioning a new from the ASUS!

ASUS ROG has done quite a lot of strategic planning in producing a mouse that’s certified to work and look like a pro! Featuring nearly an endless spectrum of colors, to make your gambling even more delightful and enjoyable and also to further optimize the excitement, Configurable magnetic aspect buttons have also introduced.

I haven’t seen a mouse as trendy as this one, evident even from yards away shining brightly on your PC Table. Another fantastic thing is you don’t need to receive a customizable pad sheet for this device. It may adjust and get started working fine with almost any pad you a whole lot to it.

You further equipped with 7200 DPI, 150 IPS and 30g acceleration for quick and accurate monitoring. Although the maximum sensitivity speed is a bit lower compared to the mice I mentioned on this list, nevertheless that will not lead you to overlook your targets, not even a single of them!

I would suggest this gaming mouse into the amateurs looking for a decent, superb device to get into use. Happy playing!

  • Supports multi gestures
  • Exclusive trendy design
  • Comfortable built
  • Sensitivity might be an issue for some; though I doubt its ever going to bother you much!

BenQ Zowie EC2-A E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

BenQ Zowie EC2-A/EC1-A

Though Zowie EC2-A is a medium-sized gaming mouse by BenQ criteria, its own 4.7-inch span matches the smaller variations of different manufacturers which makes it a fantastic alternative for those who have small hands.

Zowie EC2-A features a very comfortable ergonomic right-handed design that’s sleek and curved along with higher adjustability features such as a flexible DPI to four degrees at 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 points along with a flexible polling speed at 125, 500, and 1000 Hz points.

This puts it over level concerning functionality with minimal lagging and acceleration. Additionally, it comes with a 16-step scroll wheel which makes it amazingly responsive.

Should you think about ample area for wrist motions a significant relaxation attribute then that will be the mouse for you.

  • Very light. Multiple slight-variant models for different hand sizes.
  • Lack of configuration software can be a pro or a con, depending on user.
  • Sensor has a limited dpi range. Lack of tweakable options.
  • Like-priced mice with more features are a better value.

Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse with Advanced Gaming Sensor

Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse with Advanced Gaming Sensor

For hands which are shorter in height than the typical 7.44 inches, Logitech’s G Pro makes a great alternative. It measures about 4.6 inches with 1.9 pounds of weight to provide an ideal match to individuals with little hands.

The G Professional gaming mouse includes a few notable attributes like Logitech’s very own Pixart PMW3366 optical detector that you’ll enjoy for its outstanding tracking in both FPS and MMORPG games and that comes with a DPI range of between 200 and 12000.

Additionally, it offers a metallic spring tensioning system because of its 6 programmable buttons for the best customizable click encounter and with around 16.8 million RGB lighting colours available, it is possible to sync your commands and synchronize your mouse along with other gambling gear using your preferred lighting effects with the assistance of Logitech’s gaming program. This mouse is designed with onboard memory where you can save customized profiles for your favourite games.

  • Simple and light. Offers wide range of adjustable sensitivities.
  • Preferences are stored in onboard memory.
  • Wide, textured scroll wheel.
  • Not entirely ambidextrous.
  • No weight adjustment.
  • Utility software is not macOS compatible.

Gaming Mouse for Small Hands F.A.Q?

What is the Best gaming mouse for smaller hands?

The best gaming mouse for small hands would be the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The ambidextrous design and overall size are ideal for smaller hands while its attributes are powerful enough to kick everything else at the list out. While this would really be an expensive option, if you’re around the budget to the G Pro Wireless, then I can assure you, every penny spent is worth it.

Just how much do I need to purchase the Best gaming mouse for small hands?

The Logitech G Pro Wireless will set you back $130. Despite the purchase price, the energy and the comfort of the mouse are just unparalleled. You will definitely get everything that you have compensated for in this mouse and maybe even more.

But if you’re unable to do so, then the next best one is its wired G Pro brother.which you could get for a sale price of under $55 on Amazon. The Wired G Professional is only one of the best gaming mice that Logitech produced with a very wonderful grip and manage and also for $55, this is easily the runner-up option for smaller hands usage.

What is the most economical Best gaming mouse for small hands?

The cheapest best gaming mouse for small hands in the listing would also be the Logitech G Pro wired. For only $55, you already have the mouse that could do everything.

But if you’re really searching for the bang for your buck at the list, I’d state that the weapon of choice would be the Razer Naga Trinity. For only $79.99, the degree of customization that it has is unparalleled. If you are a guy like me who enjoys playing games across all types of genres, then the Razer Naga Trinity will be your next gaming mouse.

Why do You Need the Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands – Buyer’s Guide

Possessing small hands does mean that you are at a disadvantage. It never is and never will be. At the conclusion of the day, winning is a commodity of training, discipline, and critical thinking or your game IQ. Skill and determination will win you matches rather than the size of hands.

The mouse you use is simply an extension of your handson. But nevertheless, convenience may still be a huge edge on the battle, and each benefit can make or break the end result of the games you play.

That is why it is extremely important for us to get the best gaming mouse especially in the event that you have smaller hands.

Who Needs the Best gaming mouse for small hands?

The average length of an adult male’s hand is 7.6 inches while the female’s hand is 6.8 inches. If you go considerably lower than those hand dimensions, then you have a small hand.

It may be tough for you to discover the mouse which will best match you when you are small-handed. Even the most average-sized mouse might feel a little too big and uncomfortable. That’s why we need to choose the best gaming mouse for you to assist you on your quest to be at the top.

Who the Best gaming mouse for small hands is NOT for?

The best gaming mouse for smaller hands is never for those that are large handed. Should you significantly exceed the 7.6 inches or 6.8-inch average, then a big hand such as yours couldn’t expect to comfortably game on these small-medium sized gambling mouse. Even if you are the type that does a tip grip, using these mice using a significant hand may still not be comfortable as you believe it is.

These gaming mice additionally include the bells and whistles anticipated for gambling. You have more than enough buttons here that could easily substitute a huge chunk of your computer.

Using these gaming mice for regular productivity tasks like word processing and work would not do you any good and could finally be proven worthless. If you are this type of guy, then a good old regular mouse might just be for you, it would save you a great deal of money for the same productivity.


As you can see from the listing above, it is always possible to wind up with a top performance mouse for gambling or any other activity if you have small hands. Even most of the mice on the list are within the budget range, which means you can purchase then even if you’re on a budget. Go ahead and decide on the one that you’ll surely appreciate.

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